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  • Past student is on a mission to save students money after being ripped off himself

  • Grad Snaps estimates students are being overcharged by £50m a year

  • Read on to see how you can save £60 when you graduate

Graduation is supposed to be one of the most momentous days of your life but one graduate was so riled by the expense of the whole thing he decided to start a company to reduce the cost.

Most students on their graduation day decide to have a professional photograph taken as a keepsake and even to gift to family members who may have not been able to attend. This can often cost £40-£80 but can run into the hundreds of pounds.

'When I had my photos taken and was told to pay £80 I thought, surely it can't cost that much to take a few photos' said founder of Grad Snaps Nic Charrington. He decided to dig a little deeper and discovered that Universities were being paid a commission, up to 50% sometimes, on the sale of photos. 'It is all a bit dodgy. If I wanted my photos taken I had to use the University endorsed photographer, yet the University was making money out of that lack of choice, that lack of competition, in my case £40 could have gone straight to the University that I had already paid £30,000 in fees.'

Nic realised that if he could provide a professional photography service that was not associated with the university he could cut the prices by at least half. This is exactly what he set out to do and 3000 happy customers later he has saved students tens of thousands of pounds. They set up a studio within walking distance to the ceremony and offer students all their digital photos for £25, there are no restrictions on family photos and no costly packages. You can have the digital copies printed for pennies as opposed to pounds from third party printers like

This summer Grad Snaps is expanding to even more universities, offering great value photography and saving the average student £60. Dundee is one of those lucky universities. To book your ticket before they sell out visit eventbrite

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